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Edisi : Vol.1, No.1 (2012)
Judul : PEMBELAJARAN EFEKTIF DAN PRODUKTIF BERBASIS LITERASI: Analisis Konteks Prinsip dan Wujud Alternatif Strategi Implementasinya di Sekolah
Penulis : SUYONO
Abstrak :

Abstract:Literacy-based effective and productive learning is essential to increase
the quality of students learning process and outcome at school. The conducted library
research has worked up: (1) the urgent context is this learning endorses students
to read gather information and practice reading/writing more skillfully (2)
the basic tenets are building access to various reading materials facilitating students
perspective on learning materials constructing literacy kernel-behavior and
encouraging students to become critical creative sharp and effective reader/writer
and (3) the formats are inter-curriculum reading/writing and scientific learningcommunity
empowering. It is suggested that teachers try out this strategy with necessary
attention to its basic tenets and context..

Kata Kunci : Kata kunci: pembelajaran efektif dan produktif literasi membaca-menulis lintas kurikulum
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