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Edisi : Vol.1, No.2 (2012)
Judul : Perkembangan Taksi di Bandar Udara Internasional Juanda Surabaya oleh Primkopal (1964-2011)
Abstrak :

Taxis are an important means of transportation for the moment. Especially in the airport area taxis are a fairly prestigious airport facilities for passengers. In the first time development of heathrow airport was a military-based airfield controlled by the Navy Juanda Surabaya airport and then it became to civilian enclave airport. So there was a provision of civil airports in the Navy military airfield Juanda. With the increasing of civil aviation activities Juanda Primkopal as military cooperative appointed by the PT Angkasa Pura as the operator that manages the airport taxi cab Prima and Wing. The excistence of airport taxi in 1964-2011
which is the background of this research. The research used historical methods. The historical research methods consisted of five steps: first the selection of topics; second heuristic; third verification; fourth interpretation; fifth historiography. These result indicate that presence of Juanda Surabaya international airport in 1964-2011 give a fairly important contribution in development of existence of airport taxi. The development of the airport taxi from 1964-2011 has a fairly important role for the passengers activity at Juanda Surabaya airport taxi simultaneously. Changes that occur after the airport taxi is managed by Primkopal in 1979-2011 more orderly management as well as providing more improved services from year to year. Although many important issues of taxi development airport taxi remains a very important contribution to the continuous supply of taxi services transportation facilities. An indications
of the military business also contributed to the development of the existence of Juanda Surabaya airport taxi.

Kata Kunci : Development; Airport Taxi; Juanda Airport; Primkopal
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